Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance covers a breach of your duty of care and/or duty to warn, whilst performing your day to day business activities.  Any errors or omissions that result in a financial loss to a third party could result in a claim being made against you. Claims may arise from written or verbal communication. 

Scenarios from which a claim may arise:

Urban Pest Control & Carpet Cleaning

  • application of incorrect chemical / cleaning agent
  • incorrect chemical / cleaning agent mix
  • cleaning agent not suitable for item being cleaned

Agricultural Spraying

  • failure to adequately clean spray equipment between treatments
  • application of incorrect chemical / incorrect chemical mix

Limits of Cover Available

We offer up to $2,000,000 cover with competitive premiums with an option for higher cover if requested. We recommend that you take a level of cover that is sufficient to provide for the cost of both the damage caused, or in the case of an inspection the damage missed, and the cost of a legal case.

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