General and Public Liability

General and Public Liability covers you for personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with your normal business activities.

Personal injury can occur if someone on, or near, the property that you are working at is hurt because of your activities.  That person, or their family, may claim compensation from you for that injury, and any expenses they incur as a result.

An injury can occur from someone simply tripping over your equipment or slipping on a area that you have treated. Property damage can occur by your equipment scratching or marking floors or furniture, the inspector or technician falling through the ceiling or an animal being injured or poisoned by the chemicals. 

Damage caused by the unintended and unexpected spray drift is also covered under this policy. 

Claims of this nature, especially personal injury can take many years to go through the legal system. You therefore need to be sure you have sufficient cover now, to protect you against a settlement amount that will be determined in several years time. 

Environmental Impairment

Often referred to as Sudden & Accidental Pollution Cover. Provides cover against the cost of chemical containment and cleanup in the event of an accidental or unintentional chemical spill or discharge that could cause environmental impairment or pollution.

Limits of Cover Available

We offer up to $20,000,000 liability cover with competitive premiums on a policy wording, which is specifically worded for your industry.

Liability insurance DOES NOT cover you or your Firm for damage or injury caused by the failure of your treatment. To be covered for this you need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance

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The above is intended as a summary only of the policy.

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